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Anything Mario Kart Forum Rules Empty Anything Mario Kart Forum Rules

Post  ★♪Dλvid★ツ※ on Thu Sep 13, 2012 3:49 pm


1. No inappropriate posts.

2. Useless content.
(Not putting any thought into a post or a post that has no purpose or does not add anything to the section or thread.)

3. Cheating the 10 Char limit/firsts.
(Comments that are less than 10 characters, and posts that just say First, Second, Third, etc.)

4. No Alternate accounts/owning more than 1 account.
(Includes sharing accounts. You are responsible for your own account.)

5. Hijacking someone’s thread.
(Purposefully creating a new, unrelated topic within someone else’s thread.)

6. No airing dirty laundry
(if you don’t like someone, don’t spread it everywhere, take it to a PM or contact a Moderator about the issue.)

7. Do not post referral links

8. Do not spur on Flame Wars.
(If you see a flame war, hit the report button. Do not add more fuel to the fire. Flame wars are posts that do nothing but create controversy and mass-arguing with no resolutions.)

9. Harassment of other players.

10. Advertising.
(Streams, and videos are fine. If you are unsure ask a Moderator before posting.)

11. AMAs
(They are allowed, you need Moderator approval before creating one.)

12. Being passive aggressive or flat out rude to people.

13. Necroposting
(Posting on a thread that hasn't been replied to in 30 days or more for no legitimate reason. The OP can request for an unlock.)

14. Spamming
(Submitting low-quality posts repeatedly anywhere on the forums is considered "spamming")

15. Ban Evasion
(If you are banned, you are not permitted to use an alternate account to continue posting.)

But... the most important rule is to have fun. Just remember to not break any rules while in your times of joy.

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